What is the Wall of Fame?

This is a space dedicated to my Kickstarter backers, who helped make Fallen Love a reality. Not all of them have been named—the Wall of Fame is dedicated only to those who chose the right rewards—but I am grateful to all of the 80 people who contributed. If you’re reading this and wondering how you can get your name on here, please sign up to the newsletter and you’ll be notified if I run another Kickstarter in the future.

The Great Demon Special

Thank you to Jeanne Smith! Can you guess which character she might be in the sequel, Fallen Desire? Share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

The Arch Demon Special

Tim Putney, you’re awesome! I wonder what character you’ll be in the sequel?

The Signed Paperback & Personal Thank You

Thanks a lot Charisse James and Glenn Guzier! You will also be named in the paperback :)

Special edition eBook + Wall of Fame

To Tanner, John Frewin, Haley and Victoria Tangen Andersen. Thanks for choosing the Special edition eBook—I really hope you enjoyed those cool extras!

Here I must also mention Petros, my friend from university. Those conversations we had were some of the best of my life. Don’t give up writing, my man!

eBook + Wall of Fame

Whew, this is going to be a long list. Firstly, I want to thank Sharonica Logic (aka Sharon), Dyrk Ashton and KD Edwards (both great authors). You guys have helped me with everything from awesome 5 star reviews, blurbing, and Kickstarter advice. Sharon in particular has been a wonderful lady and great moral support.

Thank you to Carron Shankland for supporting me on Kickstarter—next time, make sure to pledge for a reward and include your name!

Coenraad Sassen, another friend from uni, also deserves a mention here. Thanks mate!

I would additionally like to thank Crystal, Dani Dee, Henrik Sörensen, Maria Marro Dafthagen (please tell me I spelled that right) and Emily Hernandez. I appreciate your backing. Finally, Daniel Horter and Mike Mancini, thanks for supporting my Kickstarter. You’re all great people.

Backers without a Reward

I won’t be able to name you here, but thank you anyway! I appreciate your support.

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