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Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy
3 of 5 stars
Normally, I would be all over a Cassandra Clare book. Only, this isn’t a book—it’s a novelette, and a short one at that. Moreover, it’s not even really a Cassy Clare book; for it is co-authored by Sarah Brennan. Anyway: enough with the i...
The Lost Prince
4 of 5 stars
Right—another Kagawa review. It’s starting to become habit; I should’ve known, seeing how gleefully ecstatic I was when I saw the Iron Queen cover. I should’ve known... Some Background The Lost Prince—as has been mentioned numerous...
Iron's Prophecy
4 of 5 stars
Firstly, I ought mention some important things. This book is short. It is a novelette, that much is clear; but you don’t realise just how very brief it is until you actually read it. And for £1.66, I found it too keen to embrace brevity...
The Iron Knight
4 of 5 stars
Originally, the Iron Fey was meant to be a trilogy. Fate, however, intervened; and so Kagawa gave us the Iron Knight. Though—according to Julie—the book is meant to have a happily ever after ending (as befits the quintessential fairy tal...
The Iron Queen
4 of 5 stars
I was fortunate enough to read the first installment of this series—the Iron King—three years ago. Then, I thought it a rather good book; for in the elements of originality, imagination, and character development, it did not disappoint. ...


Hello intrepid reader! Alex, aside from being a writer, also reviews the (numerous) books that he reads; these reviews Alex posts to Goodreads. You can see the latest on the sidebar to the right—there are several more you can find if you navigate to Alex’s goodreads profile. If you are by any chance a writer or publisher interested in having Alex review your book, please head over to the ‘Contact Me’ page. Alex is willing to review your book... if you ask nicely.

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