The first thing to know is: Alex Stargazer does not like stalkers. If stalking—something which I define to be sending me endless (unwanted) emails, posting reams of (undesirable) comments, or god forbird, knocking on my doorstep—is your thing, please make an exception for me. Thank you.

Now, I have various ways to be contacted. Some of them will not be posted here; this is because I desire some privacy and don’t want my personal modes of contact inundated with ‘OMG I LOVE YOUR BOOK ITS SO AWESOME’ type things. (I might be a little too optimistic on that though—more likely I’ll get some dry praise from ageing English teachers. Poor me.)

Anyway, here they are:


You can send me messages on my profile—but please don’t do so without any reason at all. If you like my books, please leave a review instead.


For fan mail, personal inquiries, or anything else that’s not business-related, use:

If your enquiry is business related, use the address below. If your enquiry concerns reviews or my services, include Reviews or Services in the title (respectively).

Google Plus


My Twitter username thingy is @AlexStargazerWE, if you are inclined to follow me.