Readers say they’re “riveted” by “drama” and “exquisite sexual tension”. And the best part? The Vampire Eirik is yours for just 99 cents.

For Peter, a young, carefree engineering student, Norway means a chance for a better financial future — and the opportunity to see a beautiful landscape of fjords, primeval forests, and windswept peaks. A friendly vampire on the other hand — that’s just an unexpected perk.

Yet the landscape conceals a darkness, a hidden ferocity: nature is older than man, and it does not always welcome him. To survive, Peter will have to rely on Eirik. But Eirik is still a vampire, and nature always wins in the end…

A tale of friendship, intimacy and magic, the Vampire Eirik is a short story that’s perfect for bedtime reading.

What readers have said...

★★★★★ “I enjoyed the sexual tension between the characters, it was exquisite.”—Margaux, Goodreads Reviewer.

★★★★★ “I was riveted to the drama; it is my hope that their story has just begun.” —Teresa, Goodreads Reviewer.

Available for just 99 cents on, or Smashwords. It’s also on Google Play, if you would like to buy it there, or on B&N and Kobo UK. Protip: The best way to get it is actually by signing up to my mailing list, where it’s FREE.


He is the thoughts you wish you didn’t have. He is magic; he is fire, and unleashed desire. Meet him and you will never be the same again.

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About the Sandman

The Sandman was released some years ago—in fact it was my very first published work, and my first short story. I wrote it as part of a GCSE assignment; it succeeded in getting maximum marks, although inevitably its reception on the market was more mixed. It is a crossover of literary fiction and fantasy: the Sandman himself is both a metaphorical device and a real, breathing creature of magic.

Although my writing has changed since then, I am still offering the Sandman, free of charge, as a taste of my work. If you want something more substantial, either sign up to the mailing list, or check out my full-size novels.


  1. Dis buk is gr8, i luv it ur a rly gud riter

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