12 Apr 2021

Announcing PayHip

Hello readers!

Let me begin with some good news: the Kickstarter got funded! If you were one of the backers, you should already have received your survey. The eBooks will be delivered soon. The paperbacks will take a little more time: I am waiting on my publisher to get the spine and back cover ready.

Now, onto the next piece of news: I have put the Necromancer and Fallen Love up on PayHip, a financial technology provider. This includes not just the eBooks, but also signed paperbacks of Fallen Love. You can’t buy those on Amazon! (Although, if you just want a paperback, Amazon is still a cheaper way to get it.) The paperbacks cost €25 + shipping and they will go out in batches every couple of weeks. Link here

I have kept the Amazon sales links as well, but if you can, please buy my book from the PayHip link—that way, I will earn more, and you won’t be giving another cent to Mr Bezos. The links are on the landing pages at the top of the website, for Fallen Love and the Necromancer respectively.

I appreciate any advice on the new landing pages. Would you, for example, prefer to read a preview of the book on Amazon, or are you happy with reading a PDF?

Finally, I am getting ready to reprint the Necromancer! It will be available to buy on Amazon and directly through PayHip soon. Tell me if you would be interested in getting a copy. You can comment below or contact me on social media.