10 Feb 2021


 Hello readers,

You may have noticed that I have made some changes to the blog. The most obvious is the removal of the background image and the new font (it’s Garamond by the way). While the old website was certainly striking, it did have some problems: I thought the body font—Josefin Slab—was too difficult to read for extended periods, especially since white-on-black is harder on the eyes than black-on-white. On top of that, the page took too long to load because the fonts and graphics were so big.

I am also fixing some substandard quality images which are caused by Blogger doing very poor rescaling and compression. I have a found a way around it, so I no longer have to use Google Drive links—which get blocked by anti-trackers.

Speaking of which, please disable your tracking protection for my website. There really is nothing nefarious at play; I use some Mailchimp scripts for the signup forms. I am looking for an alternative solution in the long-term.

The webpage is now also slightly wider, so you should have an effective horizontal resolution of 1366 pixels or more. I chose this width because it’s one of the lowest horizontal resolution around (it’s mainly used by netbooks and budget laptops). This has allowed me to increase the font size, for your reading pleasure of course.

More changes are coming, so keep an eye out!

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