18 Dec 2020

Fallen Desire is nearly ready!

Hello everyone!

You may be wondering what has happened to yours truly. I have not sent an email—or been active on social media—for quite a while. Rest assured there are good reasons for this. The first is that I’ve been up to my neck in work—this semester has been code, code, code. There have been days when I programmed in Java from morning till evening.

The second reason is that I’ve been working with my editor at Terran Empire. Fallen Desire is now at the stage I call RC: release candidate. (That’s a term I borrowed from the software/open source world.) While one or two improvements remain on the TO DO list, the book is basically finished and ready for production.

So what happens next? Well, to begin with, a few of my readers (especially Patreon backers) will receive ARC requests from my editor. So keep an eye out on your inboxes. But anyone is free to chat on Facebook or the Discord channel.

What about the cover, you ask? Well, the designer is still working on it. It should be finished in January. I will definitely be doing a cover reveal.

If all goes to plan, we might even have the Kickstarter ready to start in January! But hold your horses, OK? I will post updates and keep you guys in the loop.

This isn’t the cover for Fallen Desire, but it’s an inspiration for how the next cover will look like ☺

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