27 Jan 2020

The Final 48 hours

Hello readers!

I am happy to announce we’ve raised nearly £1000 for the Kickstarter! This has been more than I expected and, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. As a first time Kickstarter creator, I had no idea what to expect—and nor did I know anything about Kickstarter etiquette. Thanks to the help of Dyrk Ashton (an author you should check out!) and some newly-gained personal experience, I now have a plan in place for the remaining days until February 1st.

Stretch Goals

I am announcing two stretch goals in addition to my original goal of £500. Here’s an explanation for what all the goals mean:

  1. The original goal: basic promotion. For £500, this covers the cost of the marketing professionals I’ve hired, as well as advertising on Amazon, Bookbub and Facebook.
  2. Stretch goal #1: £1000. This pays for a BookBub promotion called Featured New Releases, and makes it easier for me to sell the book to bookstores.
  3. Stretch goal #2: £1250. This pays for another blog tour & ARC reviews, and it makes the sequel, Fallen Desire, more financially viable.


I’ve released two new rewards since the Kickstarter began. The first—the Special Edition eBook—gives backers never-before-seen artwork, and comes packaged with an excerpt from the Ark, plus secret editor feedback.

The second reward, named the Great Demon special, has two very special features: it lets you base a character in the sequel on yourself; and I dedicate the book to you! Yes, you heard that right.


Then follow the link.

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