2 Jan 2020

An Important Announcement

Hello readers!

I have good news and bad news for you today. I’ll begin with the good news: My Kickstarter for Fallen Love has just gone live. I have a target of £500, and I need all the help I can get! If you can spare a bit of money and pledge for one of the rewards, I will be immensely grateful.

Follow the link here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alex-stargazer/fallen-love-a-ya-lgbt-fantasy-novel

If you can’t pledge, you can still do me a massive favour by sharing the link. It can be on your Facebook page; on Twitter; on your personal blog; or even in more unconventional places like LinkedIn and in-person. Whatever works!

What’s the Bad News, Alex?

I am delaying the publication of Fallen Love to February 1st. This is also the same date that the Kickstarter ends, so no pressure! The simple reason for this is that I do not really have the resources to promote both the book and the Kickstarter at the same time, so the Kickstarter went first.

It’s also influenced by another important reason, which David Gaughran explained in his mini-book, Amazon Decoded: for a book to be successful on Amazon, it has to do one thing, and that’s rank well in a category. (Sub-categories are extremely important: it is much easier to rank highly in LGBT Fantasy or Urban Fantasy than Fantasy, never mind the Bestseller list.)

To do that, it needs to sell an increasing number of books over a 4 day period (or thereabouts). Having more time to get book blogs to promote the book is one way of doing this; and having more money also helps to pay for ads. This decision gives me more of both.

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