23 Dec 2019

Fallen Love Landing Page

Hello everyone!

I am now back in Romania and celebrating Christmas with the family. I am also writing, promoting, and perfecting my platform in preparation for launch. As part of this, I’ve created a beautiful new landing page for Fallen Love, which I’ve linked to the respective tab above.

Landing pages are a curious thing, and you, fellow readers, may not know what exactly they are (I sure didn’t!) A landing page is a special kind of web page that doesn’t contain navigation links; there are no tabs, no home button, or any of the other accoutrements you see here on the Magical Realm, like search functions and columns.

The purpose of the landing page is to get you to buy the book. In this case, it’s getting the reader to subscribe to the mailing list (as Fallen Love has not been released yet). In marketing speak, this is known as the “conversion rate”—the ratio of site visitors that turn into subscribers. It turns out that landing pages have a much higher conversion rate than blogs and normal websites.

This won’t be the only landing page I make; I plan on making one for the Free Stuff and one for the Necromancer. The Magical Realm will retain its blogging and general update functionalities, and it will continue to act as Stargazer HQ.

That’s it for now! I’ll reveal my Kickstarter campaign soon, so keep following.

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