5 Nov 2019

The Vampire Eirik is Available for Pre-Order

Hello readers!

I am happy to announce that my upcoming short story, the Vampire Eirik, is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Smashwords (with more retailers coming soon). You can buy the book for 99 cents, or you can head over to the “Free Stuff” page, sign up to the mailing list with the link, and get it for FREE!

Fallen Love, meanwhile, will be available on the 15th December, and will also go on pre-order within the next week or so. I’ve been fighting with Smashwords to get my epub accepted into the premium catalogue, as epubcheck (a stupid automated check) kept flagging up errors—and before you ask, the epub file was working perfectly. I had to rebuild the table of contents (toc.ncx) and change the epub version in Calibre. Amazon accepted my original epub without issue, naturally.

There are formatting differences between the ebook on the different stores, but the content is the same. If you decide to buy it on Smashwords, please buy either the epub or mobi copy and not the other formats, which are automatically generated from a word doc (and produces exactly the kind of results you would expect!)

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