21 Nov 2019

The Necromancer is on Kindle Countdown!

Hello readers!

As part of my upcoming promotional blitz, I am putting the Necromancer on a Kindle Countdown promotion from Saturday, November 23rd to November 30th. It will start at midnight GMT (which is in the early morning for you Americans) and finish at midnight for both GMT and PST timezones.

The price on Amazon.co.uk will drop to 99p, then £2, then back to £2.50. On Amazon.com, the price will be 99c, which will go up to $2 and then $3 again.

Buy it now on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

The wind of the North whispers a name, and all who hear it are frozen in fear. It is the name of the Necromancer. And it means death...

In the South, Linaera dreams of becoming a healer. A novice at the Academy of Magic, she skips most of her battle magic classes (because who needs battle magic anyway?) When her mentor, Terrin, decides to send her on a quest to the icy North, Linaera will have to learn far more than a simple fire spell to survive the ravenous undead.

Even so, Linaera will have to face greater dangers if she is to prevail. There is a dark secret hiding in the depths of the North; a secret that will make her stronger—or destroy her.

Magic and adventure beckon in the world of Arachadia. There’s dark humour for the cynics, and a sweet love story for the romantics. If you like stories about mages, bad-tempered ghosts, dragons, elves and thief guilds—you’ve come to the right place.

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ “It truly made me feel like I was seeing everything the characters were seeing; the detail is immaculate.” —Ashley Tomlinson

★★★★★ “Between the intricate plot, unique and fascinating characters, and a story line that held me riveted to the very end... this was one incredible ride.” —Teresa

★★★★★ “The Necromancer is an adventure through an old school fantasy world, and I enjoyed it immensely.” —Jayde Kemsley

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