29 Oct 2019

Another update on Fallen Love

Hail readers!

I am writing a brief update for you all today. The big news first: I have managed to get Fallen Love accepted into BookSirens, a platform dedicated to getting reviews for authors. I have fairly high hopes for success on there. They will show my book to more than 1000 readers who read the genres I write in, and who have a proven track record of writing reviews. I already have a handful of readers on there (after 1 day!) which is good news.

But of course, if you would like to read a free copy of the book and write a review, you can use the platform too. Just follow this special link: click here

In other news, I am adding the final touches to the Vampire Eirik cover with my designer; I expect to do a cover reveal quite soon. As I have said previously, this short story will be free if you sign up to my newsletter (see the button on the top right corner)—or 99 cents if you don’t. I am also adding some finishing touches to the story itself, mainly in relation to researching all of the details of the setting.

I will also be receiving a review for Fallen Love from another blogger, Sharonica Logic, this weekend. I will send you a link as soon as it’s up!

Now, back to writing!

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