27 Sept 2019

Change is Coming

Hail readers!

Today, I have some more news for you: following the first consultation with my marketing advisor, I’m making some changes to my online platform. To begin with, I have a new Facebook page, named—curiously enough—Alex Stargazer Writes Books. I recommend you check it out! It contains sales links to my existing books, plus the new books when they go on sale. Eventually, it will also contain stuff like videos, photos of the new paperbacks, and so on.

The next part of my online platform is of course Amazon. That’s where I will get most of my sales, and where a significant part of my marketing efforts will be directed—this will involve keyword and category research, and eventually, ads. But as my marketing advisor explains, I need a solid base to begin with, so I have worked to polish my author profile. You can buy my books on there, leave reviews, and get the feed from my blog. The link is easy to remember: https://www.amazon.com/author/alex-stargazer

I have made updates to Goodreads as well, the most significant being that... Fallen Love is now on the Goodreads platform! This means you can add the book to your to-read shelf, and read the ARC reviews as they come in. It also means you can take a peek at the cover ;) I will be doing the cover reveal here on the Magical Realm very shortly. As part of the reveal, I will also explain the design: how it came about—including previous drafts!—and what the cover represents. Here is the link to the book.

Nor is the Magical Realm immune to the new agenda. I have already redesigned the colour scheme and background, but rest assured that more is coming!

Now, I must leave you, dear reader, for I have one more secret up my sleeve. I will leave you to guess at what it is... Oh, but before you do, why not sign up to my blog? Simply enter your email address up in the top right corner. I promise to turn it into a proper mailing list.

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