7 Sept 2016

An Important Update on the Ark...

Hello readers!

As previously promised, I am releasing a post regarding the status of the Ark—my work in progress novel extraordinaire. I must also apologise for the delay in doing so; you can blame it on university work, along with the numerous aspects of student life.

Anyway, the important bit is this: I have finished revisions!

Some background may perhaps be in order. I commissioned an editor, by the name of Matrice, to give me an editorial assessment of the Ark in its current stage. That was a few months ago. I have been extremely busy since then—what with university and preparing to go there—but I have managed to work on the suggestions she and I discussed.

The work has proven to be fairly substantial, but I believe I have accomplished the majority of my goals with it.

I am however still open to beta-reading, in part because there are one or two things I would still appreciate feedback on—in particular, those to do with the finer points of the protagonist’s relationship—and also because part three, naturally, still needs to be written.

If you choose to become a beta-reader, you will be able to see the Ark being created—and have say in how it turns out. Being a beta-reader is not a huge commitment: it requires only some of your time in order to read, and to provide perhaps a few hundred words of feedback every few weeks.

If you are interested, please signup for the mailing list and reply to the emails I will be sending you.

Mailing list signup

That is all for now. The Magical Realm will now primarily have posts on my time here in Amsterdam, along with other more literary matters such as the state of my poetry.

If you want to hear more about the Ark, signup on the link above. You do not need to become a beta-reader; signing up simply lets me know you exist and allows me to send you interesting Ark related news over the weekly newsletter.

Anyway, work calls. Do signup!

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