30 May 2016

Alex, in Brussels

Hail readers!

It has been awhile since I last updated the Magical Realm. This is mostly because of several interesting (and largely inevitable) developments. First among these: I have completed all of my AS retakes (the last being math C2). The latter was not an easy exam, though that said it was mostly par for the course—I would not call it as egregious as the C1 exam.

As we move into June, I will have A2 exams to worry about. The first of these will be philosophy (3 hours once more) for which I will have time to revise for... in Brussels.

That’s right; for better or for worse (wisely or unwisely) I have travelled with my parents to Bruxelles. I will hopefully be busy with much: there are a number of attractions I ought to visit (or re-visit, since I was here once when I was six); I hope to visit the European Union buildings through the help of one of my aunts, who works for the Commission; and I may even be able to contact one of my Labour MEPs.

I will of course be taking photographs. Since I foolishly left my main camera in Romania, I will be using my phone; thankfully, I have acquainted myself with the operation of its software, and hope to provide passable photos. I have already taken few, which you can see below—they are of our apartment here, but don’t let that fool you: among the photos is a painting that looks quite mediaeval.

But What About Writing?

I have not forgotten! In fact, I have been very busy these past several days. For one, I spent nearly an hour going through the book with my editor, on Skype. For two, I have completed all of my planning for the third and final part. And for three, I have written an extensive revision plan—I will address (nearly) all of what my editor flagged up.

Will I have time to do all this in Brussels? I hope so.

In fact, I have planned another post here on the Magical Realm; it will go into my editing experience in detail, and will constitute my first experience of editing period. Do keep an eye out for it—I have a great deal to say on the matter.

I also have plans for a poem, details of which I will be releasing later on.

Finally, while you are waiting, why not take a look at my reviews? I have reviewed Dream Boy, by Madelyn Rosenberg and Mary Crockett, along with the Winter Palace, by Eva Stachniak. Don’t underestimate how useful it can be for a writer to share his thoughts on other books—it allows me to see what works, and what doesn’t. And this in turn will aid my own writing.

Now, I must leave you. I have a great deal to be getting on with. Au revoir/tot ziens!

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