16 Mar 2016

The Long Interlude

Hail readers!

You may have observed that I have not blogged for quite a while. Unfortunately, this has been all but inevitable: for as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve moved house. And sadly, I won’t have Internet until sometime around the 20th (eek!).

Nevertheless, a number of developments have arose since I last blogged.

The first of these concerns the Ark, and specifically, I’ve been looking to get an editorial assessment for the first two parts of the manuscript (the second part being very nearly finished). My reasons are simple: my beta reader, and my personal suspicions, agree that some work needs to be done on it. In particular, it is in places overwritten; Casey needs a stronger voice; and there are no doubt numerous other small but important flaws.

The initial feedback I received from an editor called Matrice largely agrees with that, and has flagged up problems none of us were able to spot.

I contacted this editor using the help of Reedsy, a website aimed at writers, editors and other publishing professionals. Due to the somewhat unusual nature of the Ark, and the rather busy schedules of some of the editors, I’ve decided to extend the deadline for quotes by a week; and so I am effectively in a kind of limbo, waiting for more editors to reply with quotes.

In truth, such is the nature of the business. You can’t get a book published on your own—and when you have to rely on other people, well; unexpected things can happen.

But it’s not all limbo: I still have a good two chapters to get written. So, to conclude this, I guess I’ll just say: take it up your chest, and keep going.

Concerning Reviews

In other literary matters, I have recently come up across Cassandra Clare’s latest novel—the Lady Midnight. Now, those of you who follow my reviews might know that I’m a fan of the author; her books are wonderfully suffused with a magic, in an original and compelling world, and to add to that there are the multidimensional characters and dark, unexpected plot lines.

Well, Lady Midnight is no exception. In fact, if anything, it might actually be better than the Mortal Instruments series.

Anyway: expect my review soon.

To Finish Off

Due to present circumstances, I am unfortunately unable to blog a great deal: there won’t be any essays or new posts until past the 20th, the only exception being short updates regarding my progress. That said, stick with me. After the 20th we should be mostly moved in—and I will have another school holiday.

Although most of that will be occupied with revision for my A2 exams, I can squeeze in a few musings on political philosophy. I’ve written a great deal on Socialism, and a fair amount about Conservatism and even Social Democracy; but I’ve not written much about Liberalism. So, I shall rectify that.

Until then, wish me luck. The Ark, after all, will not write itself.

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