12 Jan 2016

2016 in the Magical Realm

Hail readers!

With the advent of the new year, I have decided to update you both on my personal situation, and on the plans determined for the Magical Realm in 2016.

Firstly, I am back in England once more. My foray to the Schwarzwald over (it having been otherwise pleasant if not for my unfortunate car accident) I am now back in school—and back to work. Although my A-levels do of course take up my time and efforts, I have nevertheless plans for 2016.

But before I go into that, why not take a look at my photos? I have taken photograhs of my skiing adventures; of an impressive cathedral I was fortunate enough to visit; and of the landscape of the Black Forest.

Now! Without further ado, here is a list of my goals for 2016 here on the Magical Realm:

  1. I am preparing an essay with Oli (on problems with Conservatism) and this I shall publish soon. It shan’t be my only political essay, of course, for the year; and hopefully Oli can join in others.
  2. I shall write more on current affairs.
  3. I shall continue writing the Ark. In fact: I may even decide to feature more chapters, particular scenes, and even feedback from early readers.
  4. The Magical Realm will, at some point, be getting an artistic make-over. The current ice-blue colour scheme (appropriate for the phantasmagoria of the Necromancer) shall be replaced by something more true to the Ark. Perhaps a Sci-Fi landscape will feature, or even—more boldy—something related to the protagonists’ romance. The Ark is a very blue novel in terms of landscape and phantasmagoria, however, and so it is possible the current ice-blue theme will be replaced only by an alternate sky-blue.
  5. Finally, I am considering extending the technical aspects of the Magical Realm to include a more dynamic interactive model as opposed to the current static one. Early plans include a home-page with a slideshow depicting various major posts (and comments) along with ‘news’ banner—to include e.g. where I am—as well as: a section of the blog where all book-related posts and published material are kept; a more interactive way to read and purchase my books; and even integration with social media.

Well, that’s it for now folks. Keep with me for my upcoming essay on Conservatism. And Happy New Year!

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