8 Aug 2015

Essay: On Greece

If you’ve been wondering ‘What of the Ark?’ allow me to alleviate your fears; the Ark—my upcoming novel, details of which may be found on the Upcoming page—is still very much under work. I have been occupied with certain important aspects of the plot; thus, my efforts in other areas were put on the backburner.

Additionally, I was busy with cleaning this accursed computer of mine. The amount of dust, dirt and grime that has accrued over the year is quite simply remarkable—the entire CPU heatsink was filled with it, likewise the ATX fan and the GPU fan. After two hours’ laborious efforts, I have been able to get it in a passable state.

Such matters aside, today’s post is concerned with an essay of mine. Previously submitted to the RES, I am now able to release it to you. It is about Greece—as the title implies—and, specifically: it examines the causes behind Greece’s economic situation, and offers some tentative solutions.

I base my conclusions primarily on empirical data, though I also peruse the macroeconomic theories of Marx and Smith; for a strong theoretical grounding is required in order to draw meaningful conclusions. My arguments are... unconventional, according to a teacher—but I believe the reason of my words and the evidence presented ought make for cogent reading.

Now—back to writing...

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