23 Jul 2015

The Ark: An Interview

Hail readers!

You may be keen to know that I have not been idle in writing the Ark; I have now all but completed my preliminary planning, and will be providing you with a prologue soon. All such posts will be preceded with ‘The Ark’ in the title; for clarity is a virtue I value.

‘But Alex!’ you observe; ‘have you not done so to this very post? Do you have anything in store for us?’

I do indeed. In a manner quite unintentional, one of my latest tools in the process of planning—interviewing characters—has produced an interview that merits interest beyond a mere tool. The interview in question is concerned with Conall Danann—a main character, a lover, and the narrator for the sample quotes seen in the Upcoming page—and also involves the Guardian; a character whom I shall keep under wraps for the time being.

You will, without doubt, be curious to know more of this mysterious Guardian. And, alas, the Guardian will remain mysterious; for his tale is a different one, and not the one I shall be telling today.

In any case: here is the link to the PDF. It has been formatted in a manner consistent with a fiction book, though the Ark itself will likely employ a non-copyright font. (I am keen on such things.) And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must continue my work on the Ark.

Read on Google Drive

PS: also, the essay on socialism will be under writing soon. I have no plans to disappoint...

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