7 Jun 2015

Reader, Reader, Beyond the Veil...

Hail readers!

Firstly, you must accept my apologies for the lackadaisical blogging and reviewing; curse these exams of mine. (You may, however, be pleased to learn there is but one left: mechanics. Physics—the previous—was reasonable, insofar as exams can be.)

To keep you occupied during this unfortunate interlude—and perhaps to satiate a blogger’s curiosity—humour me on this: a survey. It isn’t too long (promise!); and, moreover, it deigns to ask important questions. Such as: what do you prefer most, of all of my wonderful writings? Or, do you wish for an up-and-coming page for the Ark, and all future works?

To answer these—and more—take a look below.

Until then; do keep following...

EDIT: you may now answer without a Google account. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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