10 Jun 2015

A Summer of Discontent

Hail readers! (Is that getting old? Do tell.)

I am pleased to announce that my exams are now, officially, over. This—as you can no doubt tell—is greatly fortunate. For one, I may now take pains to entertain you with my queer and curious musings; for two, it permits the commencement of writing.

Yes; writing. There’s going to be rather a lot of that going on. Up first is either an interview with a non-fiction writer (as part of my tour host relationship with Sage’s Blog Tours) or a review of her essay on marijuana legalisation, usage, social attitudes and so forth. No date has been set as yet; but of course, this is only a matter of time.

Up second is more blogging. By this I mean blogging in general; the creation and analysis of poetry; and additional long-pieces on such contentious issues as e.g. Marxist economic and political theory. (If you wish to have a say in the summer’s selection of blogging, take this survey.)

Finally, of course, there are the books. The Ark—my upcoming novel on a tale of love against all odds—will be planned and partially completed over the summer. Currently, I am considering whether to create an ‘Upcoming’ page, in which details such as descriptions, excerpts, progress reports and so forth will be released; if we you wish to chime in on that, take the above survey.

Writing books never was quick business, though: if you plan on waiting for the Ark, you might want to consider reading the Necromancer (a tale of dark revenge and bitter redemption; see its page) or even taking a look at my substantial collection of poetry.

Now, I must pay you good day. Keep following; and may the stars be with you.

PS: an analysis of the latest iteration in the Fallen Saga, along with a broader consideration of the Fallen Saga as it currently stands (its main themes, the direction of the narrative, the style), are to be released soon. Keep following…

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