6 May 2015

R.I.P, Information Centre

The Information Centre—it has been with us for much of the Magical Realm’s history. It was there when the Necromancer (my first work; a tale of magic, of vengeance, and of redemption) was set free into the strange world of publishing. It was there when I told great poems (see The Summer Days) or wrote fascinating essays (see The Essence of a Good Tale). It was there in greatness and in wonder, in moments of peace and times of tumultuous change.

But it was never of any use to you or I. So, I’m getting rid of it.

I do, however, have a replacement: the Reviews.

Stargazian Reviews

Though currently in inchoate form, our brand new Reviews page nevertheless contains a great deal with which to entertain. First up: the Up and Coming section. This, as you may be able to guess, concerns monsieur Stargazer’s latest reading material; it is to be updated in fairly regular intervals, up to the point in which it is finished. Thereafter, it will be replaced with a new up and coming for whatever unfortunate piece is to be reviewed next.

However, these updates don’t disappear; instead they are contained within the review proper, recent incarnations of which you can peruse on the widget to the right. The proper reviews, of course, are rather more detailed than these mere tasters.

(If you’re wondering where to find older reviews, click on the little header saying ‘Alex’s Bookshelf: Read’. An archive of former reviews is currently on the table, but I make no claims as to when I will be able to implement it.)

Finally, at the bottom, you can entertain yourself with one of Alex’s quotes. Presently these quotes contain instances from works of Stargazer’s favourite authors (yes, he does read other authors); depending on yours truly and his vanity, this may be replaced with quotes exclusively from his own works. But as I say: all is still very much under revision.


If, by some queer and curious fate, you are feeling sentimental at the loss, here is the link to the Information Centre. Starting now, the information centre will no longer be accessible from the main page. May it rest in peace…

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