5 May 2015

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Hail readers! (Note: this shall be the default greeting from henceforth; and should you deem this too pretentious, or somehow overly grandiose, please address your concerns to Mr Stargazer’s Imaginary Secretary. Thank you.)

Firstly, I have news: the election (that is, the school’s mock election, not the real thing—duh) is finished. The votes have been declared. Voter turnout was weak (at only 60%); and the results are surprising in some regards, but terribly predictable in others.

My party, alas, had little popularity; reason has not a place in the game of glorious madness. The Tories have proven most successful. Other parties took a significant portion of the vote. I shall say no more of this, other than to quote that wise figure—Plato:

Until philosophers are given rule, or kings bear the virtues of the philosopher, men shall forever be ruled by madness.

—Plato, paraphrased from the Republic.

Changes to the Magical Realm

You may have noticed that I, Lord Stargazer of the Magical Realm (I do so love a good title) have endeavoured to deploy a new addition: the Goodreads Reviews. (See that peeking from the side? Yes, that’s it.)

This is a very new addition to our wonderful blog; and currently I am testing it, determining its suitability, and making changes. Essentially, it gives you a peak of my latest reviews—which, really, you ought follow; I am a most assiduous reviewer—and a link to which you may read them.

I have also considered the possibility of integrating it with a possible new page; entitled, curiously enough, the Reviews page. This may in turn replace the Information Centre, which has, alas, proven extraneous.


In addition to politicking, monsieur Stargazer will be most occupied with exams. There are rather many of them, and the first is less than a week away. Nevertheless, I shall endeavour to keep this realm a-ticking as best I can. I do have a holiday in between the latter half; do not despair!

I may also make mini-updates with regards to my thoughts on the general process of examination, and specific issues with the exams. I never did like exams, and I’ve more than a few complaints to address…

In Conclusion

In short: keep following. In addition to new poems, essays, and other goodies, I have begun reading Throne of Glass by a certain Sarah Maas. Expect a review soon. Oh, and I also have one more piece of news: the previously mentioned Land of the Giants review won’t be forthcoming. Sadly, my thoughts on it were quite negative; I deemed it unfair to continue.

Very well; may the stars be with you…

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