5 Mar 2015

Poem: The Fallen Saga

Today, I bring you two gifts. Firstly, Swimming in Words is hosting the Necromancer today— check it out. (There’s a giveaway going!)

Secondly, I have (finally!) written a new poem. It concerns... angels. It is about the quintessential battle of good against evil—of light against savage darkness. However: this is my first saga. This means—in simple terms—that you won’t get to read the whole thing just yet. Firstly, you are introduced to chapters one (Peace) and two (The End of the Innocence).

For now, you must remain content with a simple introduction. Rest assured, however, that more shall come. There will be heroes; there will be villains. Light shall fight darkness, but questions shall be asked. For—if the angels are indeed our protectors—the question may well become, ‘Shall Protection be deserved?’

Very well. I must leave, now—exams await. Until then!

Read The Fallen Saga—Chapters One and Two.

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