18 Mar 2015

Alex's Stargazian Antics

Good day readers!

It is my pleasure to announce that I am now a tour host at Sage’s Blog Tours, organiser of my very own blog tour (now over—and with good reviews, and one lucky giveaway winner!)

Anyway, marketing lingo aside, this development entails some changes. Firstly, I’ll be hosting interviews with selected authors; topics include (but are not limited to): questions on how it is to be a writer; what difficulties does the burgeoning storyteller face—; philosophical discourse, with particular regards to aesthetics; and general questions like ‘What’s your favourite season?’ (Not that I care about favourite seasons, of course, but it makes for good reading.)

Secondly, I’ll be doing some reviews. I already review lots of stuff nobody ever seems to read (you have checked out my Goodreads, right? Right?) so this’ll be no problem. Of course, I shall do my utmost to remain impartial (like hell I will), since—naturally—I have no reason not to be. None at all.

Jokes aside, the final change will be hosting cover reviews. Essentially, I reveal covers to upcoming books—and I suggest improvements to the design, and give my opinion in the full capacity of someone who depends on good covers to sell books. I have no doubt my feedback will be much appreciated…

Anything Coming Up?

Indeed; on March the 31st, to be precise. I am interviewing an author by the name of Jenna Hiott. She has written two books in a trilogy by the name of (surprisingly enough) the Todor trilogy. A piece of fantasy-come-speculative-theology, Todor will make for intriguing philosophical discourse; or, at least, that is the plan. (Plans and I are not the greatest of friends, alas.)

What About the Fallen Saga?

Fear not! Another episode is in the making. Battles shall be won and lost; fate shall be decided. But, then again, you shouldn’t trust me on that—poems are too fickle a beast to be so predicted.

Finishing Off

I shall also be concocting some essays for you to entertain yourselves with (or lament at my boldness, as the case may be). Until then, may the stars be with you…

9 Mar 2015

The Saga Continues

Hail readers!

Today, another episode in the Fallen Saga shall be presented. But first: check out my interview on Books and Banter (link here). There, you may learn of dragons, magic, and the secrets of a writer.

Now, onto the third episode of the Saga—entitled, perhaps appropriately, the Darkness Arisen. First of all, give it a read:

Read the Fallen Saga: Episodes One to Three

I am, unfortunately, still busy with the miscellany of school (there are many after a mock exam); therefore, I shall concentrate on the more intriguing features of the Darkness Arisen. Take, for example:

We are the Fallen.
We have walked
As bearers of the light;
We have suffered, and destroyed
As vassals of the darkness.

First of all, note the juxtaposition of ‘Fallen’ and ‘walked / As bearers of the light’—the purpose of this is to play on the whole notion of fallen in rather literal terms. Note, too, the mention of suffering: the demons are not mere caricatures of evil, prancing around as if entertained by their own depredations. They have suffered. And maybe—just maybe—they act not out of inhuman malice, but out of a very human emotion.


There are many more subtle (or hopefully subtle) little motifs. Take:

Exiled, for we dared to question—dared
To believe
Not in empty promises light

The ‘promises light’, of course, refers to those of Heaven and its leader; by context, they are implied devoid of merit—made as if by fickle whim, and just as easily broken.

These lines—

The fires of Inferno
Have burned our souls to dust;

—Are not merely there for effect (though that is a worthy enough reason, and they certainly ought paint a pretty picture); but also, they are a suggestion. Has the Demons’ punishment—exile in Hell—destroyed them? Has it made them evil? Or do these—

But—like the Phoenix arisen from the ashes of betrayal—
We shall return to righteous glory.

—suggest a substance of hope in its boastful claim?

You shall find out soon enough. Episode Four is to be written. Until then—there’s the interview…

5 Mar 2015

Poem: The Fallen Saga

Today, I bring you two gifts. Firstly, Swimming in Words is hosting the Necromancer today— check it out. (There’s a giveaway going!)

Secondly, I have (finally!) written a new poem. It concerns... angels. It is about the quintessential battle of good against evil—of light against savage darkness. However: this is my first saga. This means—in simple terms—that you won’t get to read the whole thing just yet. Firstly, you are introduced to chapters one (Peace) and two (The End of the Innocence).

For now, you must remain content with a simple introduction. Rest assured, however, that more shall come. There will be heroes; there will be villains. Light shall fight darkness, but questions shall be asked. For—if the angels are indeed our protectors—the question may well become, ‘Shall Protection be deserved?’

Very well. I must leave, now—exams await. Until then!

Read The Fallen Saga—Chapters One and Two.