28 Feb 2015

Following Alex

Hail Readers!

As promised, Mr Stargazer’s second tour is now in swing. First off, you can entertain yourself with his interview on the Gal (link)—there, he talks about books (who’d have thought?), writing, and general philosophising. Check it out. Really: you might learn something.

In addition to this escapade, Mr Stargazer will also release a guest post at To the Point. (Now you know why you spent all those sleepless nights forlornly awaiting Stargazian antics; but, you see, Mr Stargazer is ever so busy...)

If—somehow—you managed to get through all that, here’s the schedule for the rest of the tour:

February 27th The Gal in the Blue Mask
February 28th To The Point
March 2nd Indy Book Fairy
March 4th The Reading Head
March 5th Swimming in Words
March 6th Books and Banter
March 10th my name is Sage
March 13th Literary Lunes

Going into march, the reviewers will have another stab at Mr Stargazer’s books. Hopefully, they shall take kindly; if not, Mr Stargazer tells me he has grown quite adroit in the art of ‘Necromancy’. (Oh—wait—that’s not good...)

Alas, exams await yours truly. Perhaps you’ll finally get a good, long essay on education. Mr Stargazer does seem terribly displeased—or, at least, that’s what ‘Gove-governed bastard bureaucrats’ and assorted colourful adjectives would have you believe. Methinks he’s just cross. He never did like math, did poor Alex.

PS: if you want a free PAPERBACK copy of the Necromancer, check out this giveaway: http://www.sagesblogtours.com/the-necromancer.html

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