1 Feb 2015

Blog Tour v2

Hail Readers!

Mr Stargazer’s first blog tour is officially over. Here’s what people have said:

‘[The] world created was incredible...’
‘The book is beautifully written with rich words that [stretch] throughout the pages sucking you in with its powerful intrication.’
‘Alex Stargazer is already writing extraordinary fantasy novels for the world to read!’
‘The amount of detail in this book is immaculate.’
‘[The] language [the Necromancer] uses is so descriptive and atmospheric, it creates such a vivid fantasy world.’

(You know I would go on; but alas, to do so would be an exercise in self-congratulation.)

As you may be able to guess, Mr Stargazer’s tour has gone rather well; and so to build upon his success, there will be a blog tour version two.

This time round, there will be even more reviews. If our darling Mr Stargazer gets his way, the blogosphere will be indundated with praise; and if he doesn’t, well... (ominous growl—musn’t make Alex cross, you see; he can be ever so temperemental—oh no, he’s growling louder now and—CRUNCH)

In any case, I have announcements to make.

The Sequel, and Other Difficult Matters

A sequel for the Necromancer has been requested by the reviewers; however, I myself am feeling less than disposed towards the proposition. This is not due to any fault of the Deathbringer itself, though; rather, I feel there are greater tales in need of telling.

But do not despair! Even if the Deathbringer remains but an inchoate fragment of my imagination—and that’s no sure thing—there will be something else. Something... different, perhaps; but undeniably more compelling.

I shall present the verdict soon. Until then, consider my poetry...

Stargazian Poetry

Aside from my immodest use of adjectives (I’m quite the neologian, eh?) my poetry is also in need of some renewal. It’s been terribly long since I’ve unleashed the powers of the imagination.

On the plus side, I have been able to contemplate my achievements (and lament at my failures); I see, now, the poems that strike deeply. Although the finer points of my works have been lost to memory’s frugal domain, the greater aspects are revealed by hindsight—the language which worked; the language which rang hollow and empty. I see the motifs that brought definition, and the details that derailed from purpose.

In short: I am ready for more. Stick with me. I’ll be back soon...

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