11 Jan 2015

Behold! The Master is Back

Hail, oh reader! I—Alex Stargazer—am back; and I’ve got a lot to announce, so stick with.

What Ya Been Doin’, Alex?

I’ve been in Bavaria. If that (for whatever reason) don’t ring any bells, it’s because it’s a part of Germany. The southern end, to be more specific. It’s quite interesting, really: it has a distinct subculture with, for example, unique architecture featuring a lot of wood, big houses, fireplaces...

Basically, it’s everything you’d expect of the quintessential European mountain country. It’s even got great sausages (don’t get me started...) and even has a wine growing region or two.

Most importantly for the burgeoning tourist, however, is the snow. I’m glad to say there was plenty of it, even if it did come a little late.

But: let us move on. You don’t read this to learn about German curiosities, do you? (Psst: they do nude. Watch out!)

Moving On...

Aside from surreptitiously peeking at unfortunate German guys, Mr Stargazer has also been busy setting up a blog tour.

Courtesy must, of course, be given to Sage Adderley: her no doubt tireless efforts will help bring the Necromancer to several blogs in the upcoming 8 weeks. To start off, there will be an interview tomorrow on Book Adventures with Emily. Since I am a possessive old soul, I shall be hosting this interview with myself here too—but don’t worry: she asks the questions!

In addition to this, I—ever the determined writer—have written a report on my business situation... and marketing efforts. The report will not be released to the general public (that’s you, in case you were wondering); but expect to see a few posts outlining my experiences—both firsthand and through other writer friends—on all things promotional in this strange world.

Finishing Off

‘Alex—aren’t you a bit rambly today? And don’t you have another essay to bore us with, or something?’ I hear you ask.

Fear not: I will a have an essay to bore you with soon. I’ll also have poetry awaiting, so you can self-reflect on how sad you all are :)

Until then, keep reading. For as I say: dark dreams give no rest to wicked souls...

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