1 Nov 2014

The Dead have Risen...

Hello Reader:

Mr Stargazer’s book is now out! It’s called the Necromancer. It is—as you may be able to guess—about a guy who raises the dead. But not just any old mindless zombies (though there are plenty of those too); rather, Mr Stargazer delights in the Dragethir (flying zombies), the A√™gland (really fast zombies), and of course: the Wraiths (you don’t want to know).

In addition to this, Mr Stargazer’s book contains elves (sexy, deadly ones—not the garden variety) along with mages, ghosts, basilisks, faeries and talking trees. And no: they’re not nice talking trees. In fact, they can crush your mind like glass, rip you in two with their roots, or—as Mr Stargazer cheerfully reminds us—teleport you to the clouds.

What can I say? They’re nice really. I mean, they give you plenty of time to scream...

Go ahead. Buy it. Below are some links—there’s a discount at Google Play, giving you the Necromancer for a bargain £2.70. You can also get your hands on a print copy, via Lulu. Who says I don’t cover all the options?

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