19 Nov 2014

An Important Announcement...

‘Alex! What have you been doing this past week?’ you ask indignantly. Well, Readers: I have been busy. (Yes, I know everyone says that. Shoot me.)

I have successfully managed to finish reading my 800-pages-when-printed history book (over a hundred pages were dedicated to miscellany, thankfully) and I have gotten announcements in my school, and I am waiting for a marketing firm to help me do marketing. (My initial choice proved unsuitable.) What’s more: I’ve got school work. Like, big pieces of engineering coursework and regular revision for regular tests.

But enough of that. To begin with, I have a message you might be interested in hearing...

The Sequel

There will be a sequel. Yes; I’ve hinted as much, and it’s true. Her name shall be the Deathbringer; and she shall stand freely, and bequeath far worse than that sad genius.

You needn’t read the Necromancer to experience the Deathbringer. That said—it’s not a bad idea. It’d be especially auspicious if you were to read the bonus edition; for that contains a new character that shall be making an appearance.

‘Alex! A teaser?’ you plead. I cannot give you one just yet—though I am working on it—but rest assured that it will be quite a different book; and a damn better one too. (Not that the Necromancer is bad, or anything; it’s just... this’ll be better. I think.)

Anything Else?

I have to revise for a supposedly very difficult math test coming up. That merits a post on education (in which I shall educate you). Don’t worry: I’ll make it interesting. You’ve read this far, right? Hello? (Poor Mr Stargazer: he never did believe the invisible to be, well, not there.)

Okay. Keep followin’. In fact: you can entertain yourself with the rest of the blog. There’s a book (duh), poetry, and all sorts on art, and stuff.

(Mr Stargazer is now away in Stargazer Land; please come back at a later date. I’ll make sure to knock. Loudly.)

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