8 Oct 2014

The Dead are Rising...

Faithful followers,

The Necromancer is available for pre-order now! Please see links at the bottom of the post. There are two versions: one contains bonus content and is available exclusively via Amazon; the other is available at Smashwords and (hopefully!) more eRetailers to come.

The Cover

Behold the eBook cover! And now, gaze upon the printed face...

Do you think one is better than the other? Do tell!

What Next

I am preparing for Halloween. I am busy getting looking for a company to print out banners, posters and bookmarks; I have some phone calls to make (the taxman); and this blog will be getting an Extreme Blog Makeover, so keep followin’.

Okay. Back to work!

Pre-Order the Necromancer

I have not forgotten!

Bonus Edition on Amazon

Smashwords Edition

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