9 Jul 2014

(Delayed) Poem of the Week: Colour, Colour

Now, let me give you a brief background on this poem.

Initially, I wrote it as part of my (unsuccessful) submission to a funny little poetry mag called the Threepenny Review. I’m almost glad it didn’t please them, because, frankly; I don’t think their magazine was of any significance outside a few critic circles.

Anyway, Colour, Colour is a poem written to display the significance of good times in our lives; of how something beautiful, and pleasurable (i.e colour) can, quite literally, light up our world—and how very terrible it is to be without it.

The poem also makes use of some subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) references to colour significance:

Green for grass, and lush life –
White for puerility, and black for death.

Indigo, for queer rainbows.

I suppose this shows how very strongly connoted colours can be: we see them so regularly—in those usual contexts—that our brain pretty much thinks them one and the same. It’s why artists (of the visual kind) employ colour with such punctiliousness.

Anyway, here is the Google Drive link. Have fun.

(Or am I being too optimistic?)

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