9 Jun 2014

The Light at the End of the Tunnel...

EDIT: I should mention that I am referring to my wonderful exams, as required to attain my 12 GCSEs. Just in case you poor lot was feeling confused. (And yes, I know that phrase isn’t grammatically correct. Shoot me.)

If you were expecting a philosophical, pseudo-intellectual essay on the meaning behind common cliches, you ain’t getting one. No, I shall, for once, use the phrase as it is meant to be used: to describe an accolade.

In this case, the accolade is—or is it are?—my exam grade(s). Basically, I need to get a bunch of As in order to get into sixth form. More likely, I’ll get a bunch of A*s, but let’s not get cocky.

Anyway, today I had math non-calc. It was pretty challenging. I think I did well; I may even end up with an A*, if luck (and the grade boundaries) go my way. Math is my weaker subject—I’m not terribly bothered if I miss that A*. Although it would be nice.

I have three more exams left: chemistry C1 and physics P1 (the easy units that we do at the beginning of the year). And math calc, of course. Hopefully I’ll ace that one and surprise a few people.

My last exam will be on Friday. Tomorrow is chemistry. Wish me luck; and do hang on tight, if you happen to have developed any interest in this little blog of mine. (Don’t worry: I won’t blame you if you haven’t. I kinda think I’m a bit boring too, you know.)

And since I am called Stargazer—here’s a little quote to keep you hanging:

‘The light at the end of the tunnel: the quintessential image of hope; what we strive for, and have striven for these past few dark, terrible weeks. Its light is weak, now; the sound of decaying fossils, and of a restless earth, is still strong in our ears—the sharp cannon-blasts of falling water droplets is a tempest of the underground’s wrath.

‘But it will be over. Soon.’

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