2 Jun 2014

Poem: In A Rainy Valley

Now, my blog posts don’t usually start with a disclaimer, so I’ll just say: this poem ain’t my best work. Why is it here, you ask? Well, it’s concurrent to my policy: fuck the doubts, publish the stuff. So here it is.

In A Rainy Valley

I stand
In a rainy valley;
I gaze
Upon the woes of humanity.

My form is a caricature, you see:
I prefer to fly, as a dove
And a being of purity;
I wear this body as a mask.

I am neither human
Nor bird, of course—
I am the Watcher,
And the uncaring observer.

The valley is deep;
A blue mist hangs over all—
The blinded gaze of weaklings.
Trees are everywhere.

Crows caw;
Lie in wait.
And the wolves are howling.

Humans run, away from the animals
From themselves
And from their mistakes.
But it is no good.

I smile:
Like salt is my smile—
Cruel crystals of
Beauty and inhumanity.

My roar reverberates;
A plangent message to all:
Your punishment is nigh.
Your death awaits.

I was the victim once:
The naked woman;
The homeless man.
A person who never did anything wrong.

You hurt me.
You and all your bullshit.

Now feel my wrath...

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