1 Jun 2014

Obscure Word: Vociferous

‘Alex, Alex, what happened to the Three Days’ Word? Is it being replaced with this crap?’ you ask.

Well, no. The Three Days’ Word will stay... at least for now. No, the reason this post is called ‘Obscure Word’ is because it isn’t going to be superseded by a new word in three days. With my up and coming exams (hurray!) I can’t keep this blog up-to-date in my usual timely fashion (ha ha). Therefore, this will stand for the next two weeks—okay, maybe a little less.


Pronunciation: /vɜ'sɪfərʎs/

Etymology: From LATIN ‘vociferari’ meaning ‘to cry out; to yell, and shout’.

Definition: To be outspoken and loud—to be insistent in being heard.


‘Vociferous are the activists; but are they deceived by greater entities?’

‘We are the vociferous, and the indefatigable: our voices shall not be drowned out, not in blood or in noise or in propaganda.’

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