7 Jun 2014

Exams, Exams, Exams

As you have been able to ascertain over these past few posts, I’m busy with exams. Monday is Math. Then there are two more sciences, and another Math one.

I’ve sort of become... de-sensitised to it all. Revision today, revision tomorrow. Exam? Big deal. Done it a million times already.

I suppose it’s better than the alternative: a breakdown. Or maybe bombing them all.

But, let us leave unpleasantries aside; I have a new poem for you! I call it ‘The Lovers on the Mountain’. It’s a little odd. Which is no surprise—I myself am a little odd, so it would only make sense for an odd poet... to produce odd poems?

Anyway, it’s happier than most of my doom-and-gloom-and-death poems. Which isn’t saying much. But I do think it’s pretty happy: it has nice emotions—although some are not so nice, but no real work of literary merit doesn’t—and it has a nice message (I think; I’m not so sure I understand the message myself, though that’s a different matter...)

Okay, so here it is.

The Lovers on the Mountain

I would write you an essay, but I fear that: a) I would bore you; and b) I wouldn’t have the time. (Remember: the song goes ‘I have exams, exams, exams; I must revise, revise, revise’. If that were really a song, though, it’d be a pretty bad one...)

Also, I think I should keep some of it a mystery... at least for now. Heck, maybe you can give me your theories on it. I mean, I don’t understand it perfectly either; perhaps you can better determine my strange little mind...

(If that sounds creepy, sorry. It’s a little late here.)

Above: my revision so far. Quite the pile, eh?

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