1 Jun 2014

An Update Before the Second Exam Series

Hello dear readers:

Yours truly is going to be busy over the next two weeks or so: there will be exams. No, I haven’t done them all yet. Yes, some of them are important. (Indeed the school would like us to believe all of our exams are important, though of course, this is nonsense.)

My most pressing concern is for the wonderful math exams, where I shall be active in doing trigonometry, functions, and bullshit.

Anyway, since this is going to be the last (sort of) major update on this blog for the next two weeks or so, I’m going to give you guys a rundown of all the—reasonably—important stuff going on.


It seems odd that I should pay attention to it. After all: it’s marketed at lazy, narcisisstic (boy that’s a hard word to spell) people who can’t write more than 140 characters at a time. However, I seem to be getting a fair number of views from it, so I figure it’s worth my time to do something on it.

What I shall be doing is tweeting a series of tweets in which I shall write small, inspirational snippets of text. (Or at least, I hope they will be inspirational.)

Some say that art is enhanced by boundaries; that boundaries create a precisely defined medium in which the reader can more easily connect with the words. Others claim that it is the difficulty of writing within a set series of rules—quite stringent rules, in the case of Twitter—that essentially forces writers to improve.

I used to think both were a load of rubbish. Now, I think it is only the former that is wishy washy gobbedygoop.

Anyway, I shall be tweeting a series of tweets. I’m not entirely certain what it’ll be about—probably some writing nonsense—but I do hope it will get me some more readers. Oh, and I’ll probably collect all those tweets over the two week period and stick on their own page here. Lucky, aren’t you?

And before I forget: my Twitter username (is that what it’s called?) is @AlexBujorianu. It’s my name in the non-cyber world. I might change it, in which case I shall update this.

EDIT: My username has been changed to AlexStargazerWE (WE being short for ‘Writer Extraordinaire’.)

Moving on…

I have been engaged in a little side project for my poems. Unfortunately, it’s been rather slow going; I shall, therefore, post a poem soon, in order to keep you happy. Stay cyber-tuned… (Ouch, I really should think of better marketing dingo for myself.)

I shall also be posting a Three Days’ Word, although I question its popularity. If you’re reading this: do you like my little showcase of obscure words? Do tell.

What About Your Exams?

They’ve gone rather well so far, surprisingly enough. The sciences, in particular, went very well. I also had a cracking shot at the history exam; and of course, at the English Lit exams.

I should explain: there are multiple exams per subject. My Wild West history exam went the best, though I don’t think I slouched on the Crime and Punishment one either. The English Lit exams are one for poetry, and one for the analysis of two texts. The latter went best, mainly because the former includes an ‘unknown poetry’ section in which the particular poem was rather short and difficult to write about. Still, I may just be paranoid.


I made a new friend at a party yesterday. I like making new friends; I find them in short supply, for the most part. More on that when I have the time.

I am also collaborating with a little writer friend of mine: Karen Gordon. Her blog is Joie De Mid Vivre. Check it out.

Okay, I’ve written enough. I shall be posting the Three Days’ Word soon enough, along with a poem. If you’ve read this far, you probably like my little blog, so feel free to subscribe via email (see the right hand column) or via RSS feeds (check your browser for ‘Subscribe via RSS’; this can be found in the Bookmarks menu in Firefox, for example).


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