28 May 2014

The Three Days’ Word: Ephemeral

Here we go with the Three Days’ Word again. Since I am on holiday (though I’m still doing some revision as I have more exams afterwards), I have a bit more time on my hands. I have a little idea for some of the poems I’ve been talking about: it’s to do with visual art. I’ll tell you that much.



Pronunciation: /əfɛmərɘl/

Etymology: From GREEK ‘ephēmeros’ meaning ‘lasting but a day’.

Definition: Lasting a brief amount of time; fleeting; a will-o’-the-wisp.


‘The ephemeral memories of children; so easily forgotten, and so terrible for it.’

‘The ephemeral promises of politicians. Bah!’

‘Ephemeral dreams, and fleeting, forgotten wishes; humanity: an illusion?’

Well, there you have it. Sorry if I sound kinda tired. I am tired, you know? The work isn’t over yet, and the publishing world is a difficult one to break into. But, like the indefatigable, unyielding soldier that I am, I shall do my exams; and I’ll do well; and you can be expecting new work to come out soon enough.

My novel, the Necromancer, is under the watchful eye of a friend of mine. Decisions will be made. I may not publish it—it’s why I’m not giving you any previews of it. However, I do have a novelette written, so you can expect something from me, at least...

(‘Poor Alex. He’s rambling now,’ you think. Well, you’d be right on that.)

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