13 May 2014

An Update On What the Hell is Going On

‘Alex, Alex! What have you been doing? You’ve left us all hanging!’ I hear you say.

Well, if you have been wondering what I’ve been doing these past few days—and why there’s been no Three Days’ Word or Poem of the Week—then the answer is: I’ve got exams!

Hurray! Wonderful exams; all in stuffy exam halls, with stern-faced invigilators (‘You there, with the book!’) and the faint irritated scratch of pencil on paper—of desperate, confused students (or ‘candidates’) and their scribblings out and sighs of hopelessness.

Well, your exams might not be so bad; and indeed neither are mine, considering that most of the students there would have been getting As. However, there really is something unpleasant about the whole thing.

Anyway, my last post talked enough about education in the good ol’ land of Grande Bretagne Great Britain, and I think it was a bit depressing and all.

So: I’ve done four exams so far; I’ve got 12 more left to go over the next month or so. I’ll be busy. But tomorrow I have neither school nor exams.

And that means I can post stuff!

I’ll try and hack up something worth your attention. Though I’ll probably bore you by rambling about pretentious fiction and all that. (Shrugs. ‘They’re getting what they want,’ he thinks.)

Oh, and I’ve written five poems to submit to the Threepenny Review literary magazine. I even sent them. I got rejected :(

But, I’ll try and find some less—how should I put it?—uppity tightety mags to submit to. Something commercial. That’s right: they just care about money, instead of this pandering to self-proclaimed literary critics the other magazines do.

If not, I’ll probably do a five-week series of poems on this little bit of the Internet I have. I’ll even do an analysis of them. Aren’t you a lucky duck?

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