29 Apr 2014

The Three Days’ Word has Restarted

Good day, members of the blogosphere!

I can announce that the Three Days’ Word has begun again. This time, we have a word called ‘ubiquitous’, courtesy of Karen from Joie de Mid Vivre. I don’t think it the most interesting word ever conceived by the English language—or indeed foreigners, from which we stole—but that’s a different matter altogether. I’m sure you’ll like it.

(If you have some better examples than me, please comment them. Although, I doubt it.)

Ubiquitous adj

Pronunciation: /ju:bɪkwɪtəs/

Etymology: From LATIN, ‘ubique’ (meaning everywhere).

Definition: Being everywhere at once; octopus-like characteristics.


‘Ubiquitous was he; a madman, seemingly capable of teleportation.’

‘You are most ubiquitous—are you quite certain you can’t fly?’

‘No one is ubiquitous. Prioritise.’

Good day. I have poems to write...

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  1. It may not be the most interesting, but it is still my favorite. Thank you for featuring it.