3 Apr 2014

Poem of the Week: Lost Love (Or Love Lost)

I was inspired by Isabella; or, the Pot of Basil (by John Keats) when I wrote the poem. In fact, Isabella is the main reason I started meddling with poetry; and how I discovered that, actually, I’m pretty good at it (even if I do say so myself).

The poem is therefore my very first serious attempt at the art. I apologise if it is not quite as polished as some of my others—but I still think you’ll enjoy it, anyway.

The poem is written in a semi-archaic fashion, with contractions (e.g. seem’d) that are no longer in use. This is, of course, down to the source of inspiration. However: the poem’s theme is quite modern—it is about how one can feel great affection for a member of the opposite sex, even when they do not normally interest oneself.

Oh, and I’ll be linking all the poems on this blog to my Google Drive from now on. This is because of formatting issues mainly, but also because I want to keep the bloat down.

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