23 Apr 2014

Another Update on The Sandman

I am pleased to announce that the Sandman is now available on Kobo, for FREE. Check it out.

Additionally, I have made it available on B&N for GBP 0.80, the lowest price I could get it to.

The Sandman is also available for free on Google Play and directly on my blog: see the BOOKS page.

It is currently priced at USD 0.99 (GBP 0.77 VAT inc.) on Amazon; I am trying to make it free, so if you’re reading this, do me and everyone else a favour—report it to Amazon with their ‘Tell us about a lower price’ link in the Product Details. (Note: link to the Kobo page, because Amazon doesn’t really care about the minor player that is Google Play.)

Anyway, I’ll be busy with revision these next few weeks, in addition to getting reviews for the Sandman and maybe even organising a Book Tour.

I might write some more posts (aside from the Poem of the Week) but don’t count on it.

Okay, that’s everything.

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