26 Mar 2014

Word of the Day: Accismus

Hello to all reading.

I have decided to make a word of the day post. These posts will be made... every day, and will be about an obscure word (like accismus) and will also include its etymology, pronunciation, and, of course, usage!

Words are randomly selected by me. They have to be obscure—or, in fancy terms, defined as rare or very rare by the lexicographers. (I’m very proud of that word.) They can even be archaic; if they’re interesting enough, they’ll go!

Accismus noun

Pronunciation: /æksīsmλs/ (see: IPA)

Etymology: From GREEK ‘συστολή’ meaning ‘coyness’.

Definition: To pretend you are not interested in something, when in fact you are very interested.

Example Sentences:

‘Her accismus did not fool him; that girl wanted him.’

‘The spy displayed great accismus in the diplomats’ conversation.’

‘Your accismus is deceptive—and yet I know something must interest you deeply for you to be here at this hour.’

Have any example sentences of your own? Post them in a comment!

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